All cables are made to order. "In Stock" means the parts 
are available, but the cable will only be built once the 
order is paid. Lead time is currently 2-3 weeks. 


It's your cable!

Removable Cables - Headphones

If you want to have a removable cable on headphones you love, stop looking. I can do it! Take note!!! I can't guarantee that the sound signature will remain the same because of the extra wires, but I do my best. Single sided entry, $40 for headphones

I also offer Locking removable cable mods for those who like that feature. But few headphones can fit the large connector so be warned. It runs $45.

Removable Cables - IEM's

IEM's can also be modded. I use the same sockets as Westone, JH, 1964 ears, and other notable CIEM makers use. Therefore you can use any CIEM cable with the IEM removable cable mod for just $45.

Do note that Se530's are harder to work with and require custom epoxy molding. This drives the cost up considerably and will run you $60.


It really depends on what your looking for, but I can do most mass loading with plasticine for $15. As long as you provide the tutorial for such. I can do the famous MarkL mod using dynamat, cotton balls and all the other goodies for $75.

Special Requests!

I actually like these mods. They really open my eyes and let me explore something never done before. The IEM removable cable mod was born from a special request and has been a hit ever since it's debut. So keep them coming!

Example: "Wireless" headphones with automatically alternating inputs. Basically a customer came to me asking to mod his Creative Auravana Live! headphones so they would be "wireless", a mounted Sansa clip, and also maintain the ability to use external players, like computers or iPods.

I was able to make his dream a reality.

So if you've got some crazy ideas you want to be reality, shoot me an email!