All cables are made to order. "In Stock" means the parts 
are available, but the cable will only be built once the 
order is paid. Lead time is currently 2-3 weeks. 


It's your cable!

Headphones Not serviable:

ALL Etymotic, ALL Klipsch (save S4 and Custom 3), ALL Jays, ALL Ortophone, UE TF10, HD380. Bose, Beats'

Note: I can perform a retermination on all headphones, regardless of make, if only the jack is broken.

NOTE: Please make sure the headphones are clean before shipping and to ship IEMs in a hardcase, or container.

Placing an Order: 

If you know exactly what you want to the "T", then just list what you are purchasing for what headphone and please provide your paypal email and shipping addresses. I will then send an invoice to your Paypal account for the work, and my shipping address will be on the invoice.


Order format:

Subject: Last name, State(US) or Country (International), Headphone Model number.

Content: See "Placing an order" above. 

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