All cables are made to order. "In Stock" means the parts 
are available, but the cable will only be built once the 
order is paid. Lead time is currently 2-3 weeks. 


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"You can see the BTG** cable is much nicer in every way." - iPod LOD review

"I really think he’s hit one out of the Head-Fi ballpark with The Sunrise Cable." Shogunshane, Sunrise CIEM cable

"I almost wish that I hadn't sold my W4R or my custom reshells, just so I could use this cable!" - Jupiterknight, Sunrise CIEM cable

"When it comes to a cable that I'll be using everyday, I am confident that the Sunrise cable will be my workhorse cable for years to come!" - Tomscy2000, Custom CIEM cable

"The copper cable offers a sound that showcases the Quad's native fq curve.. but in a more articulate, cleaner fashion" - Flysweep, Sunrise CIEM cable

"I was immediately impressed with the build quality of the cable." - Lewis Leong

Quotes Brian went above and beyond to ensure he communicated and explained all aspects of his mod with me. His work was top notch and his prices were more than reasonable. He was able to save my Shure headphones when the company itself refused to do any out of warranty repairs. Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Impressive: My AKG cable has a fantastic sound, build quality and stiffness perfect, outstanding value. Congratulations, keep the good work. Quotes
Luis Ramirez

Quotes I had a tremendous experience with Brian of BTG Audio. He was extraordinarily responsive to any question or comment I threw his way, and while he was very professional when it came to any of the technicalities of my order, I also very much felt as though I was corresponding with a fellow human, which was very refreshing. Brian was also very honest and let me know exactly what was going on at all times. He also looked out for my money as though it were his own. My order was a bit out of the norm, but Brian had no problem making things work out. He finished it when he said he would, and before i knew it my newly cabled earbuds were sitting in the mailbox. I would highly recommend his product to anyone looking to have something done to their various listening device, and if what you are thinking is a little out of the box, send him an email, he may surprise you with his ingenuity. He is certainly a capable worker. One satisfied customer Pete Goldsborough, Falmouth MA Quotes
Peter Goldsborough
Great Experience

Quotes Thank you for all your help! Great service and excellent communication, your efforts are appreciated Quotes
Tim Yiu

Quotes I have worked with Brian in several repair and modification projects. I can say that Brian has true passion in audio and will do his best to make his customer happy. He took some of my risky/challenging projects and produced excellent results/products. His pricing and turn-around time is also the best that I know of in the world of audio. Quotes
Satisfied customer

Quotes Brian, thanks for your work on reterminating my HD650 cable into balanced mode, with the Neutrik 4-pin connector. Very good craftmanship! Quotes
Axios Yu

Quotes --(Initial thoughts)-- My impression of him so far is that he is polite, very fast responding, and I feel like he is being very fair with pricing. I am paying for more than I expected, but I appreciate quality(That is why I always spend more than I want). He is pretty patient and he is good at explaining the difference of the products to me. My headphones have already been ordered and they are being overnighted to him(Amazon Prime) --(Follow up product review)-- I got the modded headphones back. Sounds the same as a non modded version. The jack replacement was clean and professional done. I got a premium cable from him as well. It did cost me quite a bit for the cable but I wanted a quality cable to take with me on the go that I know I won't break easily(knowing myself). Everything was wrapped and bagged when it came in. I would have services from BTG again for my future audio needs Quotes
Christopher Delgado
Great service
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