All cables are made to order. "In Stock" means the parts 
are available, but the cable will only be built once the 
order is paid. Lead time is currently 2-3 weeks. 


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"You can see the BTG** cable is much nicer in every way." - iPod LOD review

"I really think he’s hit one out of the Head-Fi ballpark with The Sunrise Cable." Shogunshane, Sunrise CIEM cable

"I almost wish that I hadn't sold my W4R or my custom reshells, just so I could use this cable!" - Jupiterknight, Sunrise CIEM cable

"When it comes to a cable that I'll be using everyday, I am confident that the Sunrise cable will be my workhorse cable for years to come!" - Tomscy2000, Custom CIEM cable

"The copper cable offers a sound that showcases the Quad's native fq curve.. but in a more articulate, cleaner fashion" - Flysweep, Sunrise CIEM cable

"I was immediately impressed with the build quality of the cable." - Lewis Leong

Quotes Brian, I don't know how you did it but great job with the removable cable mod for my UM2. Now I am enjoying it with the newly purchased Sunrise cable. Great sound and tight bass now with my UM2 with the new cable. Great communication and turnover time. To all, Brian of BTG-Audio has reasonably priced mod and cable. Brian keep up the good work, hope to see more products from you soon. Quotes
The Sunrise Cable

Quotes After seeing the finished products that Brian has sent back to me, I can tell that he truly cares about what he does. The mods that I have him do for me, comes back not only looking better, but I have more confidence in his build quality. Thanks for doing such wonderful work Brian. Quotes
Dan Herman

Quotes Ordered a Midnight Cable from Brian for my V Moda M80. Immediately heard the difference when I plugged them in vs. the stock cables. Brian makes a top notch product with solid build quality that looks like the cable will last a lifetime. Brian's service is also excellent. Took time to answer all my questions and explain the options. I know this is not the last set of cables I'll buy from Brian. My next cable purchase will definitely be from Brian. Thank you so much Quotes
Extremely Satisfied Customer

Quotes Brian did a great job adding a removable cable set to my Shure SE 530's. If / when you have cable issues with your 530's you've found the place to have them repaired. Top notch workmanship!! Thanks Brian Quotes
Satisified Customer

Quotes Brian just finished recabling my Shure SE530s and did a phenomenal job. The workmanship is impeccable. He was very patient with all my pesky questions and addressed all my requests. He's upfront, very communicative, and is very flexible. The service he provides is a true bargain, and I look forward to sending him more work in the future. I'm so glad I found him through Head-Fi, or my Shures would still be sitting in a drawer somewhere. Quotes
Thank you for bringing my Shure SE530s back from the dead!!!!

Quotes I have yet to receive both products from Brian. But WOW... his care for his customers is top notch! So much so that I placed an order for a second set of cables and modifications before receiving my first order. As everyone would have realized from the other testimonials. Brian really does work personally with his customers and is more than willing to go above and beyond what is expected of him. I am very certain that I will be very impressed when the cables finally arrive at my door. I will not hesitate to work with Brian again in the future. Quotes
Wong Qikai
Satisfied and very impressed customer

Quotes After my cat decided to chew my RE0's cable in half I sent my headphones to Brian for repair. Brian was quick to reply to emails and his work is top notch. Highly recommended! Quotes
Chris Demers
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes I stumbled across Brian while searching for a solution to some cable issues on my Shure 310s. After consulting with Brian, I decided on the budget recable package. Communication was fast and efficient. The work took him only a couple of days. The finished product is excellent and my earphones have been granted a reprive from the trash heap. Overall, excellent communication, very strong workmanship, and a great value. Quotes

Quotes Just received my new 6' Midnight cable for my AKG K702's. Brian did a great job the new cable is amazing. I needed a shorter more manageable cable, I emailed Brian told what I wanted and he created the perfect cable. Thank you BTG (Brian). Quotes
Ralph Bunton

Quotes Brian did a great and extraordinarily quick job in replacing my Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro 250Ohm headphones with a locking cable, and modifying my original cable to have that socket. Great job and I highly recommend Brian! Quotes
Omar Diab