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"You can see the BTG** cable is much nicer in every way." - iPod LOD review

"I really think he’s hit one out of the Head-Fi ballpark with The Sunrise Cable." Shogunshane, Sunrise CIEM cable

"I almost wish that I hadn't sold my W4R or my custom reshells, just so I could use this cable!" - Jupiterknight, Sunrise CIEM cable

"When it comes to a cable that I'll be using everyday, I am confident that the Sunrise cable will be my workhorse cable for years to come!" - Tomscy2000, Custom CIEM cable

"The copper cable offers a sound that showcases the Quad's native fq curve.. but in a more articulate, cleaner fashion" - Flysweep, Sunrise CIEM cable

"I was immediately impressed with the build quality of the cable." - Lewis Leong

Quotes I contacted Brian with a request to re-cable a couple of my headphones. A pair of DT770 Pro 80 Ohms and a pair of Hippo VB's. What I asked of him from both is that they be rugged and durable, and this is exactly what I got. Both cables are very high quality and will most likely last a long time. Service was extremely fast, much faster than what I had anticipated. Communication was excellent and I was in contact with Brian frequently throughout the process. I can email him, and he would get back to me very soon. I will definitely be using his services again in the future! I highly recommend Brian for your cable needs! Quotes
Another Satisfied Customer

Quotes Brian went above and beyond all my expectations. He did a stunning job on my JVC DX-1000. It's important to know that the stock headphones I owned came with a nice fabric laced cable with a stunning wooden adapter plug. While it sounded and felt great, it was just too damned long for me. So I contacted BTG-Audio, and Brian was the only recabler and modder who didn't try to screw me like Jabba screwed Han. I highly recommend contracting Brian to mod your gear. He does amazing and beautiful work, absolutely stellar job. After some email exchanges we both agreed Silver cabling would be detrimental to the upper regions of the DX1000 experience.Silver usually makes it more sharp and a tad brighter in my experiences. So I opted for a braided copper detachable cable that uses Sennheiser plugs. Epic. I am in love. Sorry, Megan. You are out, the DX1000 Recable is in. Please pack your things and leave, we are getting married soon and you are not invited. Quotes
Michael ( Swbf2cheater )
Beautiful work on my DX-1000

Quotes I happened across Brian's website by complete chance while looking for a cable to recable my Denon D5000's with. I found that the stock cable was too long, but did not want to cut that cable for warranty purposes. The websites that I had lookd at all wanted $120+ to make a simple 4 ft. cable, and I found that a little ridiculous. When I found this website, I immediatly contacted Brian about doing a custom cable, 8 strand flat braid with a straight 1/8" connector on the end. The price he gave me was extremely good so I went with it. About 2 weeks later I received the cable and was very impressed with the quality. I quickly installed the cable to my headphones and everything worked perfectly. Here is a forum post on with pictures: Quotes
Tanner Dunkel
Extremely Satisfied Customer

Quotes I've had my SR-80s for a almost a decade now, and they are used daily. Had them repaired at the factory for a broken cable; second time around to address the same problem, I decided to upgrade instead of just replacing with the same stock cable. Went with BTG after reading reviews on the web, and recommend Brain's services for these reasons: 1. Top notch service - Great communication every step of the way. Extremely patient, he answered all of my questions before I sent off my headphones, and kept me updated during the process. Completely honest, and wasn't looking to upsell in any way. 2. Workmanship - Beautifully done job. High quality components. Even repaired some cracks for me that happened in transit. So much better than a factory cable repair; upgrade and customize at or close to the same price. 3. Speed - Very fast turnaround, despite being on the opposite side of the country. Highly recommended. I will be using his services again in the future. Quotes
Lawrence O'Toole
Satisfied customer

Quotes I commissioned Brian to modify my unique, Fischer Audio Silver Bullet IEMs so I can use removable cables with them. I couldn't be happier with the results. Just like the flawless work he performed on the IEMs, his communications & customer service was excellent. He's extremely professional, prompt, honest, and fair. I would not hesitate to have him perform more work for me (which I already have!). Quotes

Quotes I commissioned Brian to make acoustic and functional mods to my Grado SR60's. Let's start with craftsmanship: superb. From the tidy cabling to the intricate physical alterations, the fit and finish showcase his workmanship and attention to detail. Secondly, the transaction: pure professional. Dealing with Brian over email was like talking to someone face-to-face. The degree of customer service he provides makes it seem like we've been doing business for years. Working with Brian really makes you appreciate the value of something hand-crafted as well as reminding you how great it is to give business to somebody that appreciates your business. Quotes
Ecstatic Customer

Quotes I had my DT770s modded by Brian earlier this year, and I just wanted to (finally) say a few things about dealing with BTG. First of all, the customer service is top notch. I have no prior experience with custom audio to compare to, but Brian is one of the nicest guys I've had the pleasure to deal with, period. I went to Brian a little unsure of what I was looking for, but his guidance was very clear and very informative, and eventually led to an excellent decision. I had the locking mini-XLR added, with a custom cable. I also requested that he turn the original cable into a 3.5mm extension. Brian had a cable lying around his shop from a set of dt990s, and actually threw that cable in for free! The work is extremely high quality, and the customer service alone warrants business with Brian. Best of luck to you Brian, and thanks again! Quotes
Cody Maust

Quotes Got a Midnight cable, hardwired to my Grado RS2i. The build quality is excellent, the cable is very flexible, and it looks and feels beautiful. It has had no problems at all so far and I don't foresee it developing any. If the necessity ever arose again, I'd definitely get a headphone recabled by Brian/with his cables. Quotes
Ben Cosgriff

Quotes I just received my midnight Sennheiser HD600 cable, sound and ergonomics are fantastic. After trying many alternatives, Brian provides the best value and second to none service. Quotes
Luis Ramirez
Satisfied Customer

Quotes Brian built a beautiful 8-strand, SPC cable for my HD600. As always, his customer service is excellent & the lead time on the build was incredibly fast (barely a week!). I was really impressed with the cable's fantastic build quality. His attention to detail is very apparent. The braid is tight and all joints & splits are robust yet not bulky. The cable flexibility & comfort is simply perfect. Quotes
8-strand SPC