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"You can see the BTG** cable is much nicer in every way." - iPod LOD review

"I really think he’s hit one out of the Head-Fi ballpark with The Sunrise Cable." Shogunshane, Sunrise CIEM cable

"I almost wish that I hadn't sold my W4R or my custom reshells, just so I could use this cable!" - Jupiterknight, Sunrise CIEM cable

"When it comes to a cable that I'll be using everyday, I am confident that the Sunrise cable will be my workhorse cable for years to come!" - Tomscy2000, Custom CIEM cable

"The copper cable offers a sound that showcases the Quad's native fq curve.. but in a more articulate, cleaner fashion" - Flysweep, Sunrise CIEM cable

"I was immediately impressed with the build quality of the cable." - Lewis Leong

Quotes What can I say? Simply the best customer service ever. I bought a simple LOD from Brian (not a recable or anything fancy). The way he treated me, I felt like I was his only customer. There was a bit of a problem with his LOD connector supplier and my wait stretched longer than the usual time, but he kept me updated. Even offered a full refund until he was sure he'll be able to get my LOD out to me. Brian runs an honest business, completely transparent about his practices with absolutely no BS. I'll definitely go to Brian for my recabling needs. Thinking of getting commando kittens for my cans. Quotes
Very Happy Customer

Quotes I have a pair of DT 880s that I bought from a user on Head-Fi. He did his own re-cable, and it was a very sloppy (exposed internal wires and insulation). The headphones constantly cracked - it was impossible to sit down and listen to music without a channel going out. I contacted Brian and he was able to do the re-cable, despite initial doubts about the damage that could have been done by the Head-Fi user. Now it has a Midnight cable, and the headphones sounds blissful. Incredible craftsmanship all around:the wire has a beautiful consistency - it's like a thin rope; the connections appear to be very durable and battle proof. A++ work that matches or surpasses the quality of the Beyerdynamic headphones themselves. Quotes
Incredible craftsmanship and service

Quotes Brian is a cable making ROCK STAR. I asked B to make an adapter cable for me fast - I was talking about asap. He sent me the invoice, I paid the money and the cable was made in the matter of minutes. I'm going to use Brian for all my re cables. T1s, HE-6s, Denons, 1840s, all the ear phones I have, I will have Brian do them all. Quotes
Cable Rock Star

Quotes Brian re-cabled my AKG K 240 Sextett headphones MP. He did a fantastic job, great communication, and offered expert advice. Brian also made a LOD dock for my portable rig that really displayed his craftsmanship. I highly recommend him!!! Quotes
Very Satisfied Customer

Quotes My favorite IEM, the Klipsch Custom 3 was doomed from the beginning with its stock, stiff, and kink prone cable. Despite how careful I was, somewhere on the cable a kink or two would develop and it drove me to sell it five times! After reading a review and observing the pictures of a pair of universal IEM Brian had recabled with universal pins, I was floored. More so when I saw that he had done a pair of Klipsch Custom 3 with outstanding results. Well, mine are equally outstanding. His Sunrise cable is a bargain to the likes of much more expensive and boutique names like ALO and Whiplash. I'm one very happy camper. I'll "goto" Brian for all my recable and headphone repair needs. Quotes
Top notch product and service

Quotes Brian was kind enough to recable my Fostex T50RPs for me. He did an amazing job. He has really fast communication, and is a great guy to work with. He really cares about his customers, and tries his best to make them happy. In this case, I certainly am happy with the work Brian has done. Turnaround time was ridiculously fast. I swear that Brian overestimates his turnaround times. It didn't even take him a week to finish working on my headphones and have them shipped back to me. The cable itself is great, it is really really light, and really really flexible. You can barely notice the cable, and it doesn't interfere with you at all. All in all, I definitely recommend Brian of BTG-Audio if you need a very reasonably priced cable, don't hesitate to contact him. I definitely will be seeing more of Brian in the future whenever I need a recable job done. Quotes
Jeffrey Han
Very satisfied customer

Quotes Yes, that's right, I got a re-cable done for less $ than my DT-880s cost. Isn't it amazing that this is a hard thing to find! Other reasons that I'm satisfied are: - I wanted a well made cable without paying for any BS marketing claims - The cable itself is well made and looks very slick - It was very easy to work with BTG and customize the order for minimal extra cost! Interconnects are also very affordable, and highly recommended if you want a matching set to go with your headphone re-cable. Quotes
Campbell Lyman
President of the '03 DT-880 Fan Club

Quotes BTG - Great customer service, knowledgeable of product and high quality of workmanship. Pricing was the 1st thing I looked and his are VERY reasonable. Usually you sacrifice something when a service is provided and it looks too good to be true. Not so with BTG. I found quality, pricing and customer service at consistently high level. Brian gets it. Thanks! Quotes
Pleased Customer

Quotes I sent in my Shure se530's when the cable started shorting out near the audio jack. I saw some of the work Brian had done and was really impressed with it. I decided to take my repair one step further and asked Brian if he could make a custom set of cables that detached directly from my IEMs. Brian not only took on the job but he far exceeded my expectations. The cables I got are amazing, far better than the stock cables that came with my earphones and the best part of it all was the constant updates. He kept sending me pictures of the work along with detailed information about what was happening with my repair ill be recommending BTG audio to all of my friends thanks for the amazing work Brian keep it up! Quotes
Satisfied Customer

Quotes The Shure SE530 earphones are an amazing piece of audio technology, however they come with a pretty siginificant flaw, their poorly made cable. I had to replace them once for that reason and they're not cheap. When the cable broke once again I was fortunate enough to discover Brian's website and I truly couldn't be happier. One good thing to come from Shure's cable mistakes is that Brian has acquired plenty of experience at recabling the SE530s and judging from the work he's done on my pair he's really quite the expert. My headphones now feel like they could last forever and sound as great as ever. There's no reason to think twice about using his services, you won't regret it. Quotes
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