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NOTICE TO ALL SE530 (and variants) OWNERS

So as you know I've done over 20-30 (I stopped counting a long time ago) Se530's / E500/ just about everything else that looks like a Se530. 

That being said, I've noticed a few things when working with these headphones. Se530's are prone to shattering.

Now, not all Se530's are prone to shattering. If you see the words "Pat. Pending" on the y-split plug, it's likely your headphones will not shatter. (I know, I've done so many I have the friggin shattering down to a science) However, if you don't see this, your headphone will shatter.

Don't worry. It's not a big deal. The damage is cosmetic. You will see cracks and glue on the shell but the sound will remain largely the same.

Thanks for taking interest in BTG-Audio!