Mods Mods 194055643 194055644 Audio Technica ESW9 ATH-ESW9 with removable cable modification and accompanying custom removable cable. 199405060 Th900 Th900 Mod 170632720 195307710 T5p With Hd800 Sockets T5p With Hd800 Sockets. Also works with T1's! 195307711 197288262 He-500 Hifiman HE-500 Modified with Audeze plugs. 176544637 DT990 Mod This pair of DT 990's were modded to house a 4 pin connector that will allow balanced and unbalanced detachable cables! 162387095 174374481 DT770 600 Ohm version, modded. 166211462 Fischer Audio FA-011 Modded FA-011 with locking removable cable and silver plated copper cable. 166630024 Se530 mod Se530's modded with removable cables. 160142822 173640834 Creative Aurvana Live! "Wireless" Mod. Integrated player with a secondary wired mode. 150957574 Westone 4 The glorious W4 modded for removable cables! 162015045 Westone 3 W3 with removable IEM mod. 162471421 JVC Dx1000 This beautiful pair of headphones were modded with a Sennheiser socket to allow for use of Sennheiser removable cables. 157624228 Klipsch Custom 3 Klipsch Custom 3 modded with removable cables. 162387096 AKG K240 Sextette Mod AKG cable reterminated with a locking AKG plug for use with K702 cables! 162763837 Dt770 Mod Locking removable cable mod with sleeved 8 strand cable. Terminated in a Regular sized Viablue 3.5mm with extra heatshrink requested by the client. 163718828 HE-6 Mod Hifiman He-6 modded with removable XLR's. Crazy headphone to work one. Great fun. 158988222 D7000 D7000 Mod 170632719 Westone W3 Removable mod W3's with removable cable mod 165068630 AKG K550 K550 modded for a removable cable. AKG K550 mod 159279472 AKG K550 Removable cable mod 168067155 174374482 K272 HD K272HD with locking xlr removable cable mod. 165153636 DT770 Dt770 Pro 80ohm with a locking removable cable mod! Special ordered Canare cable. 157362854 Klipsch Custom 3 Klipsch Custom 3 modded with removable cables. 160269046 Westone W3 Westone w3's modded. 165591658 196892841 Se530 and cable 162250689 Se530 mod Se530's modded with removable cables. 160700118 ATH-M50 Removable cable mod 168067156 Earsonics SM3 Earsonics SM3 with a removable cable mod. 157854532 Se530 Se530 with sunrise cable 165639909 Dt770 with cable Locking mod with midnight cable. 166338173 Westone UM2x Westone Um2's modded. 165591657 Dt990 Beyerdynamic DT990 modified with locking removable cables. Old cable was reterminated. 161868822 171300446 DT770 Locking Removable cable This DT770 was modded with the locking removable cable. The Cable is a 4 ft Midnight headphone cable terminated with a locking plug and black large bore jack! 155114217 KSC 75 KSC 75 Kramer mod and Midnight IEM cable 160807065 Fischer DBA-02 It was an incredible project. I took these IEM's and removed the cable then put in Westone/UE sockets encased in clear epoxy glue. They truly are amazing in sound and function 160269265 Westone UM3X Westones with the removable cable mod! Great headphones. 153020105 Grado Sr60 Grado Sr60's with the single sided removable cable mod! They are also dampened with plasticine and the plastic grills have been replaced by metal ones. 153622708 Grado Sr60 socket The SR60 showing off it's new socket! 153622709 Westone W4 Removable Great sounding headphones modded with the removable cable. 154671617 Fischer Audio Silver Bullet Slick IEM's with the removable cable mod. 155922946 Monster Miles Davis Tributes. Took these IEM's and put on a Westone single button cable then added a cable boot. 155989728 Se530 Removable Cable mod Sigh, just another Se5...... Wait what? That's right! Once you think you've seen it all, something else kicks you in your arse to wake you up again! It's a very complex mod, not for the weak minded or empty wallet. 157146886 Denon D5000 Looks may be deceiving! Full MarkL mod using dynamat! Wow these cans can sing!!!! I highly suggest you mod your D2000's, D5000's, or D7000's if you get a chance! These are now my reference cans. 10ft of Midnight headphone cable terminated with a Right angled Neutrik. 157910645 Sony MDR-V6 MDR-V6 modded for a removable cable! Sony MDR-V6 mod. 159279473 ATH-M50 Audio Technica M50 modded with removable cables. Also with a Midnight hook up cable! 160032429 Brainwavz B2 2nd IEM removable cable mod. I love the design of the B2/DBA-02's They are very good candidates for this mod and would be happy to do more of them for these models! 152371530 ATH-M50 Removable ATH-M50 showing off it's new plug. 150957572