Interconnects Interconnects 8 Strand Extension BEAUTIFUL slick smooth 8 strand extension. This was a GREAT project to work on. I loved it! 158685230 Adapter cable Custom adapter cable. 166211646 SPC Lod BTG-Audio SPC LOD. 166971867 SPC IC 3 inch ic with micro RA connectors 166785820 Vmoda M80 Vmoda M80 aftermarket cable. 165688912 Mini RA to Mini RA Custom fab'd Mini RA's with 3 inches of 8 strand round wire. 162764200 TRRS to 4-pin XLR adapter This is the convert the TRRS plug of a hifiman Re-262 or other balanced Hifiman 3.5mm, into a 4-pin XLR. 4ft of beautiful 8 strand wire 162399926 4-pin XLR extension cable 4-pin XLR extension cable with 8 strand wire. 165673888 BTG-Audio LOD Clear wire and Micro RA jack 163890660 BTG-Audio LOD Clear wire and Micro RA jack 163890659 Black LOD iPod dock using black wire and a Mini RA. 162765476 4-pin XLR to 1/4in TRS Neutrik jacks with 8 strand wire. 162399927 iPod LOD LOD with 4 inches of black wire and a right angled 3.5mm 162764199 Micro IC 2inches of wire and micro RA connectors 167782745 Sunset and Adapter Sunset Sennheiser cable and a 4-pin XLR adapter! 167782746 Extension Cable 3.5mm extensioncable with midnight wire. 166338174 4-pin to 1/4 in adapter 4-pin XLR to 1/4 in Furutech TRS. Sleeved 8 wire cable. 162014759 RCA interconnects Right and left aftermarket RCA interconnects! 160783432 165593339 7 in IC Nickel 3.5mm with 8 strand round briad 166971866 8 Strand IC 5 inch 8 strand round IC. 159340441 Modded RA IC Super low profile right angled 3.5mm TRS connectors on a custom fitted wire for the ultimate gym system. 158684354 4-pin XLR to 1/4in TRS Simple adapter using Budget wire! 163564642 Micro IC This TINY Interconnect with modded RA jacks is a hair under 2 inches long. It was a pain in the *** to get it together, but it was a fun build. 160358833 Micro IC 2 inch ic with micro RA connectors 166785819 8 Strand IC I managed to squeeze 8 strands into an interconnect. It is truly amazing and EXTREMELY flexible. 158685229 3 inch 3.5 to 3.5 3.5mm to 3.5mm interconnect. 158684353 3.5mm to RCA adapter Little 4 inch adapter. 160966543 XLR to 3.5mm adapter All black adapter. 3-pin XLR to 3.5mm TRS. 158684352 AKG K702 cable 10ft of clear cable terminated with an AKG K702 connector and a Neutrik nickel 1/4" connector. Longest cable I've ever braided! 151672283 Clear UE/Westone Cable 23 inches of clear wire, terminated with UE/Westone connectors and a right angled Neutrik. 152415780 30cm IC This is a 30cm (1ft) interconnect using BTG-Audio modified Neutrik RA's. Basically hand-crafted low profile RA's 152114217 10 cm RA Interconnect Simple IC made with budget cable parts. 150958190 Reused ATH-M50 cable Remains from a ATH-M50 cable put to use! Cut to 6ft and terminated with a Neutrik black. 150958189 Sennheiser HD 650 HD 650 cable re-terminated with a Neutrik Black/Gold 4 pin balanced XLR. 150958191 UP-OCC LOD Rhodium Right angled Oyaide with Silver and regular UP-OCC copper. VERY low profile dock. 150958192 UP-OCC IC Oyaide Rhodium right angled jacks. Silver and regular copper UP-OCC. 150958193 Midnight headphone cable Premium cable made from sleeved Canare miniquad. Terminated with a heat-shrinked Neutrik Nickel large bore and right angled plug. 150958186 5 in IC Premium 5 inch cable, terminated with Neutrik Black/Nickel. 150958187 10 cm IC in action! Here is me testing out a customer's cable. 150958958 LCD-2 cable LCD-2 cable terminated with a right angled nickel Neutrik and sleeved in nylon. 150958194 Y- Splitter An epic splitter using 8 strands of clear cable. 152051539 4-pin Xlr to 1/8 in RA 1.5ft of adapter cable made out of black budget wire. Terminated by Neutriks. 152192731 Beats Pro Cable Modified a Beats pro to have a dual entry removable cable. Budget cable terminated by Black 3.5mm Neutriks. 152330148 Balanced RSA Cable This cable was made for my locking removable cable mod. 4ft of Midnight headphone cable terminated in a balanced RSA connector. 154493439 The Silent Duo These are some superb cables using Sleeved Mogami instrument cable, Neutrik 1/4" plugs, and Neutrik Silent series plugs. These cables allow the user to hot swap anything that takes a 1/4" plug! On the silent side of course, but who could miss it! It's red! 152114218 AKG K702 4ft of Midnight headphone cable terminated with a Black Nickel 3.5mm! 154417157 Extension cable Turned this stock cable left over from a project in to an extension! 155163515 AKG K702 3ft of premium cable terminated with a Black Nickel 3.5mm! Sleeved in special ordered red black. 154295870 Shure Cable Clear insulated copper with shure memory wire ends and a right angled jack. 153624836 LOD 168661409 LOD 168661410 4-pin to Banana plug 8 strand midnight cable at 12ft long terminated in Banana plugs and a female 4-pin xlr 168661748 Custom Fitted LOD 168770221 Micro 8 Strand IC Modified RA jacks with 8 strand wire. Crazy. 169002583 USB A to USB B Simple USB cable. Nothing fancy. 169132662